Anurakti is an amaglation of Three Sanskrit words Anu (meaning Attachment to the Core), Rakt (meaning Passion) & Bhakti (meaning Devotion), an essential ingredient to anything Creative a necessary requirement for Innovation.

We believe that for any activity be it Attachment, Passion, Devotion, Dream, Innovation or Creativity the real Power behind all of them is the initial Thought.

Power in literal scientific terms refers to the resultant output Energy produced from a Unit of Work carried out over a period of Time.

Thus literally implies the Creative & Innovative Energy/Result of Scientifically Working upon a Thought - the Spiritual aspect, with complete Dedication, Passion & Devotion and that which is tested against Time summarily defining Anurakti in itself.

To be The Leader in helping human beings realize their True Potential.

With the core philosophy of "Living in the Solution, rather than the Problem", derives the name of our 1st company established in 2006 - Anurakti Solutions!

With the aim to help humanity overcome the challenges in unraveling the mysteries of the God, its Creations, the Universe and thus be able to move, fly, travel, inhabit etc. the Universes, etc.. derives the name of our 2nd company established in 2010 - Anurakti Universes!

We aspire to innovatively solve people’s business problems by offering timely creative value based quality solutions!